There is enough to do when organizing a show – finding judges and stewards, sorting out the venue, getting enough help … but at least with our Obedience Show Service, you can just hand over all your show entries and have your show paperwork taken care of for you.


For the fixed price of £425.00 (excluding postage costs) for 1 day Open/Championship Obedience Shows, or £475.00 (excluding postage costs) for a 2 day show, we offer the following:

·      Compilation of catalogue from entry forms (which need not be pre-sorted), checking the classes entered

·      Telephone calls to handlers concerning entry queries

·      Production of catalogues, and printing and supply of 30 copies, in multiples of 4 pages, printed as an A5 size booklet.

·      Accounts summary, detailing those competitors who are under- or over-paid; plus total monies received.

·      Catalogue Orders report

·      Overnight Camping report

·      Offers of Help report

·      Ringside Booking-in Sheets for each class

·      Ring Number Report - a list of new numbers in each class, in order to determine which ring numbers are to be at each ringside.

·      Production, printing and despatch of Running Orders

·      Stay Times summary, ordered by Class, and by Time


We require 3 weeks following receipt of final entries, for processing and printing, and will then ensure delivery of all documents by at least one week prior to the Show date.  Delivery in person at Obedience shows can be arranged if this is convenient to both parties.


Despatch of Running Orders

In order to reduce costs, we are currently trialling an option of specifying on your schedule that Running Orders will only be posted if specifically requested by competitors on their entry forms  (our Running Orders will always be published online on the ObedienceUK website).


Alternatively, we can email Running Orders to any competitors where an email address is provided or kept on file, and only post to those who have not acknowledged receipt, or who have not supplied an email address.


Where posted, postage incurred will be charged in addition to the fixed fee.  Wherever possible, 2nd Class post will be used in order to minimise costs, but we reserve the right to use 1st Class post if it is thought necessary.  If you would prefer to send the Running Orders yourself, then these can be printed and supplied directly to you instead. 




We do not currently offer the following, although we may be able to source supplies on your behalf, if given sufficient notice:

·      Waterproof Scoreboard Sheets

·      Prize Cards


Please remember that you will also need to produce any paperwork specific to your show, such as Camping passes, Ring Plans etc.




·      30 copies of the catalogue are included in the fixed price.  It will be assumed that we will supply 1 catalogue per judge, plus 2 for your own use, plus any ordered by competitors.

Additional copies of Catalogues produced at a cost of 10p per A4 sheet (4 pages of an A5 catalogue).


If your catalogue is 52 pages, then this would require 13 sheets of A4 (52 / 4), so would cost £1.30 per additional catalogue over those supplied within the fixed cost.

·      Schedules - Production free of charge if using our Show Services

Printing charged at 10p per A4 sheet (therefore a 4-page schedule with an entry form would cost 20p)

·      Ring Numbers

Printed on A4 white card, at a cost of £1 per 100 or part thereof

·      Additional reports by agreement, based on the data required being available




I have competed in obedience since 1998 and have judged at Open and Championship Obedience Shows since 2005.  I have produced all of the above documents for my own club’s Open show for more than 10 years, and can provide samples on request.  With this background, I am very experienced in the intricacies of producing fair and impartial Running Orders, as well as producing all paperwork required for a show within the timescales required.


Having been made redundant twice in 2 years, I am keen to put my I.T. background to a more productive use.  Within Sussex Software Solutions, we have more than 28 years I.T. experience including programming skills, in depth testing experience, and a strong eye for detail, so you can be assured of the very highest quality delivery.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any further information, to see samples, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.








January 2014